Planting a fall veggie garden


In Canada, typical first fall frost is mid-September but can range from the end of August to mid-October depending on how far north or south you are located.  A quick internet search will give you the historical data for your area.  The secret to having a great fall vegetable garden is timing. That means thinking a little differently because you have to plan backward.  Taking a look at your seed packet you should find the number of days to maturity or harvest – use that number to count back from your first frost date. Now add an additional one to two weeks to account for reduced daylight hours.

Once you have made room for your fall vegetables from varieties that are no longer producing or you’ve already harvested the basics of planting remain the same. Revitalize the soil with some compost if needed, following the seed packet guidelines.  TIP: If you live in an area like the Okanagan where the summers are quite hot, you may need to start your cool season varieties indoors in an air conditioned climate. Alternatively, you can plant the seeds deeper (3-6cm) than you would in the spring. 

All of the vegetables below are suitable to plant in the fall. Some, such as beets and carrots, might need to be harvested when very small (but still tasty). When shopping for seeds, select the earliest-maturing varieties available.

Arugula Lettuce
Beets Kale
Broccoli Radish
Brussles Sprouts Spinach
Cabbage Swiss Chard
Carrots Turnips


Extend your growing season later into fall by protecting your plants from frost. Cover your garden with an old sheet, blanket, tarp, or row cover.  By planning ahead, you can extend your growing season and enjoy home grown veggies almost year round.  Don’t forget, the best time to buy your Fall seeds is in late spring when retailers are clearing them out.

Happy Gardening!


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 Guest post by Darren - Bylands Key Account Sales

I am originally from Edmonton but relocated to Kelowna in 2011. Most recently is was working for Danone where I was the Business Development Manager and was responsible for promotional plans, in store displays and business reviews. I studied at the University of Alberta whilst working at Greenland Garden Centre.  This sparked my interest in the horticultural industry.