Western Canada is an intricate system of living creatures and natural elements. Helping to maintain its balance brings countless benefits. We can do this in rural areas, small towns and large cities, like mine, Winnipeg. Supporting wildlife benefits us all.

It is disappointing to see immature fruits lying on the ground a few months or weeks before harvest. Early fruit drop from apple, plum, apricot and cherry trees is a common occurrence. Here are three steps you can take to reduce this early fruit drop.

1. Help control the effects of frost

Most of us are happy when spring and then summer arrive, yet there are quite a few people who suffer from severe allergies during these times of the year. Depending on what is blooming and producing pollen, symptoms can include: nasal congestion, sinus pressure, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, coughing and increased asthmatic reactions.

When considering taking on the task of pruning evergreens always ask yourself a few questions. Do they really need to be pruned? Is it the right time to prune? How much can be removed at one time? Is it the right plant for the area (if plant is still young)? Without pruning is there a safety concern? Will it still look natural and if not, do you care?