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There are a few different ways to create pickles at home. An ancient technique that yields nutrient-dense pickles is fermentation, a process by which the cucumbers are left to sit in a brine (a simple mixture of water and salt) at room temperature for several days.

When you live in Canada, learning to extend your gardening season is important. Even beautiful Vancouver with all of the snow they received last winter will be thinking about what they can do. Okay, maybe the fine folks of Vancouver are simply thinking about how to cope with the ice and snow in hopes it will never happen again.

Autumn is a great time to tidy up your yard and garden; and knowing the right things to do in terms of plant and lawn health is key. You will find some useful tips for winter garden preparation here:

One of the most common ways to preserve the bounty of our summer berries is by turning them into jam. The process can be a bit intimidating because the right temperature, sugar content and pectin levels have to be spot on. Out of the nutrition world has come a simpler process that utilizes chia seeds as the thickener.