The cottage garden is a distinct style that uses informal design, traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants. The cottage garden is more about charm than a grandeur formal style. It is relaxed, colourful, fun and reflects an easy-growing beauty.

Acidic soil beneath spruce trees can be a challenge when it comes to planting. Common questions are…Will grass grow under a spruce? What can I plant that won’t be damaging to the tree's root system? How much can I build up the soil under the tree?  Because lower limbs have been removed, what options does one have for adding shrubs, perennials and annuals?

84% of Canadians now live in towns and cities. As you might imagine, there are specific issues that arise in an urban setting that are not problems at all in the rural areas of our nation. So, since the vast majority of us are trying to grow plants, trees and flowers in urban settings, what are the specific issues?

Here is a summary:

First, a few one liners:

What has antlers and sucks blood? A moose-quito!
What is a mosquito's favorite sport? Skin-diving!
Why are mosquitos religious? They prey on you!
Why did the mosquito go to the dentist? To improve his bite!

Here are nine Ladybug facts you may not know yet:

The most popular beneficial insect.