Evergreens are the only plants to provide year long colour in the landscape. Overall, evergreens are low maintenance and are actively planted to help provide winter interest to your yard.

Fuzzball™ Russian Cypres is an evergreen shrub with unique, fuzzy bright green summer foliage that turns to a purplish-brown color in the winter. It is extremely cold hardy once established, with a vase shaped habit that is well suited for rock gardens, foundations or borders.

Montrose Charm is a seedling developed from a very upright grafted white spruce, called Montrose Spire. It has inherited the compact upright characteristic of Montrose Spire, but with needle structure that is fuzzier and softer. It isa rapid grower with a narrow and compact habit.

Kalebab is a striking common Juniper that shows colour in every season. Spring starts with new growth that is yellow-green fading to green during summer. Colder weather late fall and winter brings a transformation to orange-bronze foliage.

Oasis Larch is a moderate grower with a broad upright and dense growing habit. Bright green foliage emerges early in spring, remains green throughout summer and then changes to a spectacular golden yellow in late fall. 

Horstmann’s Recurved Larch is a funky specimen tree with contorted branches that twist and curl to fantastic effect, especially in winter. In late winter, rosy buds swell along the gray curlicues and herald the coming longer days earlier than other conifers. Shaving-brush clusters of bright green needles erupt in spring, soften during summer and fire up to golden yellow for fall.

Russian cypress is a hardy, low growing evergreen for sun or shade, but the species is often plagued with tip die-back. This new selection solves that as it has superior disease resistance and winter color. Celtic Pride's green foliage turns an attractive russet color in winter. This is an excellent, very cold-hardy plant with better shade tolerance than junipers.

Thuja occidentalis Baby Bear® is a new dwarf cedar developed by Hugh Skinner in Manitoba. Baby Bear® is a dwarf, upright cedar that naturally grows in a symmetrical shape and does not require any pruning. It only grows up to 5-6’ tall and 2-3’ wide with rich, medium green foliage.

The picture shows a nine year old Baby Bear® Cedar.



Low growing, spreading evergreen with intense silvery blue foliage forming a spectacular dense carpeted crown of colour. This new introduction has superior winter colour. Ground hugging stems are great for cascading over walls or rocks.

Columnar Irish Yew is most commonly used for hedging purposes; it has a naturally upright form and takes shearing well. It is a great option for gardeners looking for an alternative to more the common cedars. This is a female cultivar that produces red berries in the fall. Unfortunately both the berries and foliage are poisonous.

Arnold Sentinel is an upright and columnar evergreen, perfect for screening where there isn't a lot of room; beautiful blue-green needles are held on upswept branches that are compact and dense; excellent also as accent in a single planting because of its uniform habit. Drought tolerant once established.