Green Waste Recycling

Over the past decade, Bylands Nurseries Ltd. has created a community composting program that helps eliminate large amounts of organic and green waste from entering local landfills by allowing members to dump their green waste on our property. Local businesses drop various forms of yard waste that are added to our own material to create a diverse blend of 100% plant based composting material that is ready to be put through our composting process. This in depth process lasts over 18 months and includes stringent temperature and moisture controlling practices. Our green waste is also turned and screened several times to ensure it is free of large particles and is properly pasteurized. Once this process is complete, it is naturally aged for 6 months to ensure it is of the best quality compost available.

Here are some on site photos of our composting process.  See more images in our Photo Gallery

This peat-free and organic composted material is eventually added back to our fields and into our potting mix. This material helps improve our soil quality, aids in aeration, increases soil nutrients and even assists in water retention capabilities. The quality of this material has been so good that we have started bagging it in 30L bags that can be purchased at local garden centres throughout western Canada. It is the same material that we utilize in our soils and is a great addition to any plant purchase to help ensure a healthy planting process.

Look for this bag at local garden centres.