Bylands Bonuses found via QR Codes

Bylands Bonuses found via QR Codes!

Have you been seeing a lot of pixelated square graphics pasted on some creative and not so creative places and wonder what they’re all about? 

Next time you’re out and about with your smart phone scan a few.  You could uncover some very valuable information!  The QR codes Bylands has provided take you to bonus pages that aren’t listed on our website.  Pages with planting guidelines, soil preparation techniques, earth friendly tips and much more. 

Don’t have a QR Code Scanner App?  It is a good idea to have one already downloaded on your phone so that when you do come across a QR code you will be ready to Scan!  Try these popular readers.  Below are links provided to the pages where you can find free apps for your Smart Phone.


i-nigma                                                RedLaser


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