Calgary Garden Show 2012

We had a great time at the Calgary Horticultural Society Garden Show this past weekend. It was a tremendous event despite the poor weather and the people at the CHS deserve an immense amount of credit for the amount of work they put into making this show a success. Well done! It was also great to touch base with some of our retail partners and connect with the garden consumers. The insights and conversations we had with those who stopped by our booth was incredible; there are a lot of passionate gardeners in Calgary and you certainly are a resilient bunch. We came away with some great insight from you all and appreciate your feedback.

The theme of the show was ‘Incredible Edibles’ and we came away with some very good insight into what is performing well in people’s gardens throughout the Calgary area. We also provided handouts to those who stopped by that discussed some of the new varieties of edibles that should perform well in the Calgary landscape. The two edibles that seemed to generate the most interest were the Haskap berries and also the Romance series cherries. The haskaps are really tough shrubs that taste like blueberries and are very high in anti-oxidants. The Romance series of cherries come from Dr Bob Bors, and have been bred for their increased sugar content in the fruit to provide a sweeter cherry that can be successfully grown in the prairies.

Many people stopped by our booth and commented on the condo box forsythia that we had in full bloom; it truly was stunning. Most gardeners mentioned that they struggled to get blooms on theirs in the landscape. A helpful hint for increasing blooms is giving your forsythia a heavy watering late in fall and then provide protection with a heavy mulchin.  The watering will ensure you plant has a good freeze and stays good and dormant in the early spring to protect against those late frosts and the mulch will help protect the roots from those cold winter nights.  Following these steps should hopefully help you to have a beautiful sea of yellow blooms in the spring of 2013!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and see us at the show and all the best this gardening season.


Mike Byland