Choosing A Tree For Your Yard

Beautiful Home with spring blooming tree

Nowadays, garden centers are providing customers with many varieties and sizes of trees to purchase and plant. People like choices and in the case of trees, it is necessary to decide what suits individual yards and desires.  So where will you begin?

It is a good idea to start with taking yard measurements and drawing the outline of your yard on a simple piece of paper.  Existing features such as fences, walkways, patios and of course the house need to be included in the drawing.  Add in any future projects you may want to fit in such as gardens, fire pits, ponds, other water features and so on.  Finally with a more complete picture, you can pencil in the green areas that will consist of trees and shrubs, perennials and annuals and lawn.  If you take your drawing into your local garden centre the professionals there can help you do this last step.

Pre-planning is important.  Starting with trees, it is a good idea to decide the purpose of the trees especially with smaller yards where space is limited.  For instance some of the various benefits that trees provide are: shade, privacy, fruit or season interest like spring blossoms or fall color.

Once the purpose is determined it is time to match tree types to suit those needs. provides an advanced search engine where you can filter through trees by their height, spread, water and light requirements and much more. The website will also suggest compatible plants to go with the featured trees. Driving through neighborhoods in spring is a great way to get inspired.  Of course the best way is to discuss and consult with local garden center professionals for their expert advice.

Many of us have our own favorites in mind. My absolute favorite is the Toba Hawthorn with its blossoms that change from white to pink are strikingly pretty against the unique shaped limey-green leaves and held up with a deeply fissured trunk. This beauty is a great choice for a front yard tree as it reaches just 16 feet tall and will enhance versus hide the real estate investment called home.

Bylands Canadian hardy toba hawthorn tree

After choosing the variety, the next decision is what size to buy. On a limited budget there are smaller sizes available in trees.  With smaller pots sizes these trees take longer to mature but these can be more affordable and fun to measure growth rate from year to year.  However, if you are looking for something substantial to plant right away Bylands provides 3 caliper (measurement around the trunk 6”above soil level) sizes to garden centers.  All of Bylands trees have been grown in our own organic compost to create a healthy root system and have been overwintered to create a hardy tree fit for harsher Canadian winters.

Trees are worth every penny and will provide years of beauty, shade, color, privacy, fruit and real estate value.  Choosing trees begins with knowing the space and light & water availability followed by what the homeowner needs and wants. Besides this, the benefits to the environment are immeasurable, as they provide nourishment and shelter to all living beings.  Don’t forget the carbon footprint by choosing locally grown trees that also help filter the air you breathe.

We can all do our part by planting trees. Have fun choosing and enjoy your trees for years to come.

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Darlene - Bylands Account Representative

I enjoy the times I spend with family and friends and my new puppy. I love flying and taking trips to new places and old, to see the people I care for. I continue to love pruning and other aspects of gardening.