The Edible Garden

Growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden has never been as popular as now. Knowing where the food comes from and trying to create a natural, sustainable landscape are probably the main reasons for this trend. In a commercial setting most fruits and vegetables require a lot of pesticides to keep the plants alive and resistant to disease, but when you grow your own, you can decide whether or not to spray anything.

You local garden centre can help you with finding the right plant for your region when shopping for fruit trees and shrubs.  It is important to look for varieties that are hardy in your area because fruit trees are budded onto a rootstock and this rootstock determines where your plant will thrive best.

All fruit trees require pollination by another fruit tree of the same kind, so an apple is pollinated by another apple, a pear by a pear etc. Fruit trees do not have to be very close together to get pollinated. If your neighbor has fruit trees, you do not have to plant more than one to get delicious fresh fruit!

Planting and especially caring for fruit trees and shrubs can be a little intimidating, but do not let that get in the way of eating organic fruit from your own garden.  Bylands grows a wide variety of Canadian hardy, easy to grow plants in their Incredible Edibles® lineup.

Beautiful chives flowering in an herb gardenA very easy to grow plant group is herbs. They can be grown in the garden in a spot close to the kitchen. If you do not have a garden close to the kitchen, you can grow them in containers on the patio or deck as well. The advantage of having them close to the kitchen makes it very easy to use them when cooking.

Here are some landscape design ideas where you can use edible plants:

Strawberries are an excellent edging plant and make a beautiful groundcover. Plant them in long rows along the edges of flowerbeds and borders or on a sunny slope. They cover themselves with white flowers in spring, and the leaves turn a rich russet color in fall. A great ever bearing and hardy variety is Strawberry Fort Laramie.

Blueberry and currant bushes are pretty enough to use as decorative shrubs with their white bell shaped flowers. Plant a whole hedge of them to assure plenty of flowers and fruit.  Don't forget to check out the Haskap Honeyberry, considered Canada's superfruit! 

Raspberries can be expensive to buy at the supermarket, but extremely easy to grow at home. They do well in light to medium shade, so you can plant them in an out-of-the-way corner of the yard.

Grapevines are beautiful growing over a pergola and can provide shade for those hot summer days. Grapes providing cover and shade in the garden Try growing short vining-type vegetables up trellises along the back of a flower border. Eggplant, cucumbers and zucchini can all be trained to grow vertically; which also means fewer fungal disease problems.

Fruits and vegetables are not hard to incorporate in a garden or landscape design. You can plant them in a designated area to create a fruit and vegetable garden or mix them with ornamental perennials, shrubs and trees to create a surprise effect when walking in the garden.

Try incorporating a few more edibles in your ornamental landscape today.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised with an Incredible Edible® garden.

Happy Gardening!

For more ideas ask your local garden center professionals and make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest for other help tips and hints.

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