Festive Outdoor Arrangements

Festive Outdoor Arrangements using winter greens for Christmas decorating
Christmas is a time of celebration with family and friends using decorations and lights to symbolize festivity and joy during the season. Besides the use of strands of outdoor Christmas lights, there has been a crazy trend toward making evergreen arrangements, using boughs and branches and berries to create beautiful planter displays. The evergreen arrangements are beautifully displayed in the front entrance of peoples homes or commercially along sidewalks and at malls or office buildings.
​A part of the popularity is because they have no care really once the weather turns cold and freezes there is nothing to do but brush off any accumulation of snow. And making them is simple, fun to create and then to decorate is unique to the person who creates it.
Festive Outdoor Arrangements
There are a few steps to take:
​First of all, choose the containers and gather or purchase materials that will be used to display the evergreen arrangement. This can be empty planters, hanging baskets or other containers of choice. Fill these with soil or peat moss and/ or florist foam (must be soaked).
​Boughs and branches can be cut or purchased whether it be pine, spruce, fir or cedar. It adds interest to mix 2 or 3 varieties together when making the design to have different textures and colours to create the look desired. Making the arrangement is by personal choice the height and width is a great place to start and fill in after. If unsure, there are hundreds of examples on the internet to spark interest and/or at garden centers. It is a good idea to have a good pair of pruning shears to cut each branch and then the boughs in far enough that they stay firmly into the soil or foam.  Once outdoors, these will freeze and hold in place.
​To add more interest branches of dogwoods or curly willow or other branches pruned from trees and shrubs can be added to provide even more height and shape to the design. Once the overall arrangement is done, other elements can be added either more natural like cones and berries or with the addition of lights and sparkling branches or Christmas ornaments or all of the above. Lights and candles and lanterns can be added features to show off the colours and design especially at doorway entrances or along pathways. 
Festive Outdoor Arrangements
​Once the arrangement is complete, water it and place outdoors to dress up the winter whiteness with greens and colour and lights of Christmas. They will provide a natural and beautiful display for many months ahead.
​Making a festive outdoor arrangement can also include the use of potted spruce or pine or cedar and then winding with lights. It is that simple, no cutting or designing required. Berries, cones and other adornments can also be added to dress up the already shaped evergreen tree.
​May your Christmas holidays be creative and fun this year!

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 Guest post by Darlene - Bylands Account Representative

I grew up on a farm near Lloydminster and also grew up learning to garden. For some reason pulling weeds from around vegetables and flowers was a source of solace and accomplishment. I was a single mom by the time I attended Olds College to pursue a career in Horticulture and Floriculture. Nature and hands on work, including at Bylands, has been the best school for learning ever since.  Love to travel and always want to live a healthier lifestyle. Plants, people and Nature continue to play a big role in that. I love attending Oilers games with my nephew.