Gardening Gives Me A Sense of Accomplishment

Gardening Gives Me A Sense of Accomplishment

Over the years I have started and finished many projects around the house leaving me a tremendous sense of accomplishment. When I look back at the ones that did not finish,  or my wife reminded me I didn't finish, I usually come up with one or two conclusions: 1) Either I was in way over my head and had to call an electrician or plumber. (if things go wrong here they can go really wrong) or 2) simple it was not something I was interested in. What I like about working in the garden each year is the simple fact of being outside and getting some exercise while creating an outdoor living space. We tend to look at ideas and concepts all winter long in magazines and on the computer to create a game plan for spring. Sometimes we laugh because we get to the garden center and see something beautiful and end up doing something completely spontaneous instead. Each year we start with what are we going to plant in our planters. This is fun and  where we like to try new things like tropical plants and annuals. Some of my favorite annual planter center pieces have been Red Banana's and Weeping Red maples surrounded by annuals. This project usually takes a full day starting with shopping at a couple of garden centers, eating lunch and then going out to plant. We all have our jobs. I haul plants where they need to go, my wife does most of the planting and then my daughter and I water, sweep up and recycle the pots and flats. This project is relatively quick and gives us instant gratification.

One of our best additions last year was from the Bylands Outdoor Living Collection which was a small weeping maple for the patio table. We love them so much that we give them as a host's gift when we go to BBQ's.

The next project is looking for visual problems with our existing flower beds. Where do we have holes and need to add plants to our shopping list and where do we need to move plants so they complement each other better? Our yard is now 20 years old and we can still move the shrubs and perennials that have been there for years in order to give us a new look. If there is one thing I can offer advice on is plant your trees correctly because moving them can be either impossible or extremely expensive.

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The last project we do is the new project. This year will be a vegetable and fruit garden. This again will be a 24 hour project which will consist of removing an area of grass, bringing in new organic soil and then planting. With 20 trees in my yard I am daring to plant another and this time it will be a combination cherry tree. This is another Bylands product you can find at your local garden center and consists of four varieties of Romance series cherries - Carmine Jewel, Valentine, Romeo and Crimson Passion. You can also get combination apples as well but they are one tree with a number of apple varieties budded onto one tree. With yards getting smaller combination plants offer more in less space.

Landscaping an entire yard yourself can be overwhelming to do all at once. Break your yard up into sections and create one and two day projects that will allow you to get projects finished and give you  that,  sense of accomplishment, making your hard work enjoyable for years. 

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Rich - Bylands Account Representative

My personal garden is now 17 years old and most of the trees 19 years. shrubs, evergreens and perennial beds are all bordered with large sandstone boulders.  Two reasons I have had to replant each year are: Shasta Daisy was a white German Shepherd and Georgia Peach is a caramel with white and black Shepherd, Husky something cross.  My dogs are always named after plants.

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