Grow Your Community By Shopping Locally

Why You Should Shop at Your Independent Local Garden Center

Garden Center shopping is a must and once you start you will want to take your friends and family for a day, here and there, of relaxation and stimulating experiences. Your garden center adventure will include shopping for jewelry, clothing, dinnerware, giftware, and Christmas ornaments. You may add the enjoyment of a meal and drink, purchase some organic groceries and of course, find plants and pottery to adorn yards and balconies. You will not be disappointed.

If you want to spark your creative side, soothe your soul and arouse every sense, then go to a garden center any time of year.  You won’t be disappointed from the minute you step inside there is natural warmth that draws you in and then several colorful displays, soothing smells and sounds that keep you there. You will surely leave relaxed and renewed.

Garden centers of today have changed, expanded and grown new experiences for shoppers.  The days of finding only a few geraniums, petunias and marigolds are gone, though still too can be found amongst the abundant varieties of plant material and other items of interest.

You may walk through the doors of a garden center that lead you first to the jewelry section where you will find unique one of a kind pieces for yourself or as a gift for a friend.  You won’t be disappointed and next to the jewelry you will see a small selection of designer sweaters and scarves, shoes and purses.  Who would have thought that garden centers would carry accessories and clothing that are so classy and cool?

Why You Should Shop at Your Independent Local Garden Center

Walking into another garden center you may see a display of ornate giftware that are antiques from Europe amongst silk flowers and handmade bars of soap.  You will be tempted to pick up a bar, hold it to your nose and draw in a deep breath of lavender to sooth the soul.  And tucked beside those scented bars you may find a book that was written about trees in a poetic fashion.  Looking to the right you might see a table setting of beautiful detail from France and lovely candles and garlands of ribbon to set the mood.

At another garden center, you may meet a friend or sister for a lunch of organic salads and meats under a glass roof.  Maybe you will choose a cup of organic tea or a glass of red wine to enjoy with the home-style meal seated amidst tropical plants and bright light.  In summer, this experience can go outdoors where the warmth of the sun and natural light creates a lovely ambience during the meal and conversation.

There are many new and exciting experiences that go with the traditional look of garden centers that continue to carry favorite trees and shrubs, perennials and annuals.  You will still find the lovely double flowering plum with its beautiful pink blossoms that gracefully cover the length of the stems.  And you might be tempted to take home the combination apple tree that Bylands Nursery has been supplying to local garden centers for years.  This tree has 4-5 different varieties of apples grafted onto one hardy rootstock; it is perfect for smaller yards.

Today garden centers are bringing in new varieties of plant material along with traditional hardy favorites and even some heirloom varieties.  Traditional too are some of the growers and the Bylands brand has been in garden centers for more than 50 years.  Bylands looks the world over for ways to improve and to provide garden centers with classy plants!

Why You Should Shop at Your Independent Local Garden Center

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Darlene - Bylands Account Representative

I enjoy the times I spend with family and friends and my new puppy. I love flying and taking trips to new places and old, to see the people I care for. I continue to love pruning and other aspects of gardening.