Have an Incredible Edible Backyard

Harvest of Incredible Edibles

Your backyard can become an oasis of edible plants that bear fruit in different months providing healthy sweetness and nutrition for your family.

Incredible Edibles® is a Bylands selection of hardy, generally easy-to-grow edible plants that prairies gardeners can enjoy for years! Whether your yard is primarily sunny or shady (or even better a blend of both), you can enjoy nice looking edible plants without excess maintenance.


Also known as Serviceberry, Saskatoons are a prairie stalwart, feeding generations of families with vitamin-rich, anti-oxidant fruits. Saskatoon is a prairie native and self-pollinating! Generally, quite tall 7-10’ ht and 5-7’ wide, they prefer a sunnier site with a fair bit of open space for air movement. Purplish-blue fruits ripen in July. Most are good for fresh eating, pies and jams. We offer 6 varieties.


Blueberries also bear fruit in July. They do require a more acidic soil than the native prairie offers, so soil amending is required for success. Your garden centre will have inexpensive reliable products like peat moss & aluminum sulphate to help lower your soil’s pH (acidify). Good water drainage is important too. We offer 9 varieties. Many varieties are ‘tall bush’ types maturing between 30 and 50” ht. We also offer a few ‘low bush’ varieties that mature at about 12” ht.


Very closely related to Currant, the small green berries mature to a pale pink colour ripening in late July. Perfect for eating fresh, or in preserves for pies. Self-pollinating, vigorous growers that start bearing heavily in year 2! We grow the ‘Pixwell’ variety which offers almost thornless branches! Matures height is about 4’.


You won’t be starting a winery in your backyard, but for sheer volume of fruit with intense flavour in a small footprint, you can’t beat grape growing! We offer 5 varieties, such as ‘Valient’, which offers earlier fruit maturity and superior hardiness. ‘Frontenac’ is a variety that produces dark blur fruit for red wine making. Grapes are sometimes susceptible to powdery mildew on the leaves. Your garden centre can offer advice on how to treat prevent and treat this condition as well as the all-important pruning techniques.


Also known as ‘Haskap’, Honeyberry is quickly becoming “the” fruit plant to grow on the prairies. The reason for its immense popularity is simple – lots of fruit, loaded with anti-oxidants & vitamins, and of course, Oh, so tasty! These odd-shaped fruits (like rectangular tubes) are ready to eat in June, another feature which extends your backyard fruit picking season to an earlier month than most other varieties. Most varieties (we offer three) are born on the prairies at the world renowned University of Saskatchewan fruit breeding program from plants that originated in northern Japan and Russia.


Another old prairie stalwart, especially the still popular & tasty ‘Boyne’ variety in production for over 100 years! We offer 4 varieties. Two, in particular ‘Red River’ & ‘Double Delight’ are known as primocane varieties in that they can be pruned heavily in spring (keeping their size more manageable), and produce heavily in the same year on the heavy growth that follows this heavy pruning.

There are so many other Incredible Edibles® plants for your backyard to choose from: Strawberry, Goji Berry, Rhubarb, Currant, Seabuckthorn and Cherries.  For more information on plants that decorate your yard and feed your family, check out Bylands.com

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Jan - Bylands Account Representative

I’m very proud of my 4 children.  All 4 of them, worked many summers in the garden centre, they love plants and gardening too – but opted for totally different careers.  You can sometimes find Jan as a guest on ‘The Gardener’, a radio progam in Winnipeg on Sundays.