How This Splurge Gives You A Return On Your Investment

Splurge Gives You A Return On Your Investment

We all have things that we love to treat ourselves to or with. Whether it’s a new purse, that dress or that pair of shoes you’ve always wanted, a lawnmower or that putter you’ve been thinking about that you saw on tv; we all know it feels good to spend money on ourselves and that’s why we do it!

By definition, ‘splurging’ is the act of spending money freely or extravagantly. Most people do it at a mall in a clothing store, but there really isn’t a better place to splurge on yourself than in a garden centre filled with beautiful flowers, plants and inspiring ideas in a peaceful setting. You probably think this is a crazy idea, because it takes far less effort to ‘splurge’ on that pair of shoes then on planting something in your yard, but I beg to differ.

You can stroll through the aisles of plants perusing at your own pace. You don’t have to have a plan in place; in fact, the majority shoppers in a garden centre go without having any idea what they are going to plant as they walk in the door. Most garden centres have astute staff that can help you, or you can look to find something inspiring on your own…all while being outside with nature in most cases in a tranquil setting. That sure beats being inside in my books, and almost always will as long as that sun is shining.

There are also several benefits to splurging at a garden centre that occur after you load up your car. You get the opportunity to enjoy a physical activity that also can be relaxing. It feels good to get lost in building and creating something that will bring beauty, and you get to do it outside. What is better than that?

Splurging on your yard can also provide long term financial benefit to the value of your home. There are numerous statistics that show a well landscaped yard is one of the most cost effective ways of increasing the value of your home. A recent study by Clemson University found that in some cases landscaping can result in a 100% return on investment.

While spending hard earned money on gardening isn’t a traditional method of splurging; it truly is one of the best ways to spend money on oneself.  Besides feeling good about the purchase, you also get the benefit of the activity of gardening. However, the best part about this splurge is that it really isn’t a splurge; it provides a return on investment for you. Can you really say that about that purse or pair of shoes you bought?

Happy Gardening!

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Guest post by Mike - Bylands Sales Manager

I am a third generation nurseryman at Bylands.  I have been involved in the nursery throughout my life and full time since 2007. As a boy, it was a tremendous playground for me to ride my bike and play throughout after schools.  Outside of work my passions are athletics. I love playing and coaching sports.