Indoor Plant Care 101

Bylands Nurseries - Best Indoor Plant Care tips

Indoor plants and succulents are so popular now, with gardeners and non-gardeners alike! They are popular because they have so many benefits - they bring life and style to any décor, remove toxins in the air and additional oxygen to any room.

We want to set you and your customers up for success with indoor plants, so we have some simple suggestions on the how to take care of them!

There are three major things to do in order to take proper care of an indoor plant:

  1. Water it as needed. Most indoor plants prefer regular watering, but there are exceptions. Sticking to an exact, precise watering schedule can actually do more harm than good. For most plants, just water when the soil is dry. Use your fingers to determine the soil moisture levels and water if the soil is dry 2 inches deep (not just on top). Consider investing in a moisture meter; which are very very helpful with large plants in particular. Another tip - the best time to water is in the morning – it allows the plant to absorb more water before the sun shines in full force and evaporates the water off.
  2. Fertilize it. Additional nutrients in the form of fertilizer is critical for the vitality of your plant. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer package for your type of plant. Note - recently potted plants and low-light plants will require less fertilizer.
  3. Location, location, location is everything. Plants are generally happy where you are – in warm, consistent temperatures, in the sunlight. Generally, the more sunlight the better. Some plants tolerate light away from windows, but as a rule, no plant should be further than 6 feet from a window. Another way to think about this is to try to create a plant’s natural environment. Succulents and cactus live in the desert, so they prefer to be in direct sunlight. Ferns come from the forest, so they need high humidity and less light. Ask our staff for the right plant for the right location.
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At times, our best of intentions with our plants don’t turn out well. One of the biggest issues we see is proper watering!

To figure out if watering is an issue, touch the soil. Is it too wet, or too dry? Check the instructions for the plant to ensure you’re following the guidelines well (succulents, for instance, like less water). If it is a watering issue, most of the leaves on the plant will be affected and may be yellowing.

Happy gardening!

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