Plants Increase the Resale Value of a Property

Plants Increase the Resale Value of a Property grey large luxury house with  spring blooming treesIt does not really matter when you want to sell your house, curb appeal is always important. A big part of that curb appeal is the garden, garden design and how the yard and garden are cared for. A landscape does not establish overnight, so it is important to plan for the future when starting a garden or landscape design.

Shade trees, like Acer rubrum Northwood (Maple), Gleditsia triacanthos Northern Acclaim® (Honey Locust) or Prunus virginiana Bailey Select (Shubert) will not only make your home more desirable, but a fully grown and properly placed tree can reduce your cooling costs by as much as 40 percent. Also shrubs, colorful perennials and ornamental grasses will add curb appeal to any home. Make sure to ask your local garden centre for region specific information on which plants to buy. Plants that are native to your region and/or plants that are drought tolerant usually require less water and maintenance. 

Edibles are very popular at the moment: growing your own, natural organic fruit can make a house more desirable, especially if the trees and bushes are bearing fruit. Create an area specifically for fruit trees, berries and currants or plant fruit bushes throughout the garden, mixed with other plants, to create a more natural landscape. Make sure that when you buy fruit trees or shrubs to check if they need a pollinator.

Plants increase the resale value of a property real Estate

A very interesting report on what the effect of a well-maintained garden has on property prices is the Husqvarna Global Garden Report 2013. They let 5,000 homeowners from nine different countries assist them in estimating the average effect. Globally this effect was estimated at 16% (the Garden Effect). When taking costs of maintenance, plants and garden makeover into account, the average hypothetical payback on garden investments was estimated at 3.1 times the money invested (Payback-If-Sold). Checking with real estate agents, more than 70% believed that a neglected garden lowers property prices by somewhere between 5-15%. Another 17% believed the effect could be even higher. In terms of garden elements that homeowners believe contribute most to property value, a well-maintained lawn tops the global list, followed by an inviting social area. Despite its obvious power to influence our perception of the market value of properties, only about 1 out of 2 homeowners in this study considered time and resources spent on their gardens as an investment, 32% thought that garden work could be a time-consuming hassle. Hopefully, this report will cause them to reconsider. Click here to go to the report. 

Happy Gardening!

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