Trees Provide You with Amazing Benefits

Trees Provide You with Amazing Benefits

Trees provide us with many economical, social and environmental benefits and in today’s society we are all trying to become greener.  Bylands has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability while producing quality products that benefit everyone.  In this article Bylands wants to highlight the benefits that healthy trees can provide to not only us humans but also every living being in our communities and beyond.  Below is a list of just some of the many positive attributes trees of all shapes and sizes can provide.


Economical Benefits

  • Increased Property Values:  The appearance and atmosphere provided by trees on your property can contribute up to 20% more to your resale value compared to a lot that has no trees. 
  • Reduce Cooling Costs:  Trees strategically placed around your home not only provide you with shade from the sun while helping keep the temperature inside of your home lower.  That translates directly into reduced cooling costs for your home, up to a possible 27% reduction!  *Consider planting trees east and west of your home to realize these benefits.


Environmental Benefits

  • Tree foliage intercepts rainfall and slows down the flow, which allows water to be incorporated into the soil.  Reducing the potential for floods.
  • The root systems reduce run off and soil erosion that goes into the streams, which maintains your water quality.
  • Trees produce oxygen while absorbing CO2 which helps clean and restore our air.
  • One single large tree can release up to 1500 liters of water (H2O gas) into the atmosphere each day.  This conversion to gas in an urban forest absorbs large amounts of heat, cooling the city’s air.  This cooler air then offsets the heat emanating from the concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  • Trees provided habitat, shelter and food for all kinds of wildlife.  Many flowering and berry producing trees provide food for wildlife.


Social Benefits

  • Your community benefits from trees too!  If the value of your property increases then so does the value of your neighborhood, community and city.
  • Trees also offer privacy and are sound and wind barriers.  A wind break can lower your heating bills by 10-20% in the winter months.  Nut trees can be incorporated as wind breaks and serve as shade trees.
  • With the reduction of carbon dioxide levels and cooling costs created by trees, planting and maintaining healthy trees contributes greatly to and help fight global warming and provide you with cleaner, fresher air to breathe.

We hope that you are impressed by some of the many benefits that trees can provide and that you might want to plant more trees on your own property or in your community.  

If you would like to learn more about taking really good care of the trees you do have, visit your local garden center professional today.


Did You Know? 
  • Studies have shown that hospital patients with window views of trees recovered faster and with fewer compilations than comparable patients without access to such views.
  • Leaves and bark actually capture particulates out of the air which makes breathing a little easier for asthma sufferers.