Harvest of Incredible Edibles

Your backyard can become an oasis of edible plants that bear fruit in different months providing healthy sweetness and nutrition for your family.

Plant of the Week Chrysanthemum


One of our favorite flowers in the fall.  Mums or Chrysanthemums make the most beautiful gift to give or as an addition to your garden.   When most perennials and annuals have stopped blooming, these plants are perfect for adding beautiful color to your late summer and fall gardens.

Plant of the Week - Weigela
Weigela shrubs

Weigela is a beautiful ornamental shrub with colorful multi-clusters of flowers, making it a great addition to your garden landscape.  There's a multitude of new varieties that display flamboyant foliage in shades of gold, green, white and rose for a season-long spectacle of arching stems covered in bell-shape flowers, from late spring to early summer.