Cottage style gardens can evoke a whimsical feeling in many of us. Picture dense greens flush with flowers of every color of the rainbow rich with birds, bees and butterflies. Beneath your feet, feel an uneven stone path and in between soft, spongy moss covering the ground around.

When considering a cottage style garden there aren’t too many rules to play by at all. Try planting plenty of perennial flowers that will provide blooms from spring through fall. Use trailing plants such as vines to cover anything bare and provide vertical dimension to your space. 

Elements to incorporate into your cottage garden could be old red brick boarders along the edge of your plant beds, a small white picket fence enclosing your garden or arbors with climbing flowering plants. 

Some inspirational landscapes we love...
Farm to Pizza Oven to Pickleball Court
Guest House Cottage Garden
Classic Courtyard
Holmfirth Garden
Holmfirth Garden
Romantic Guesthouse Garden
East Valley Road


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