If you love having a beautiful ornamental garden but are also interested in something more functional that provides you with food, try planting an edible garden.  You can create a beautiful space by landscaping with vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers to enjoy them at your dinner table!

Growing your own food can have its challenges but it comes with many rewards.  You can benefit from growing your own food by learning methods to become more self-sufficient, earn good karma by sharing your harvest with your neighbors and develop a whole new understanding of how our food comes to be.  You may not be able to grow your entire grocery list but the items you do grow will be more delicious than what you could buy at the store.

Things to consider when starting an edible garden are: to make sure you can reach all areas of your plantings without needing to step into the garden and try using mulch around your plantings to prevent water evaporation, keep the weeds down and protect soil and roots from the hot summer sun.

Be sure to talk to your local garden center professional about what varieties of edibles would grow best in your region.  They can also help you identify ideal soil conditions and potential pest problems.