Planting a traditional style garden is all in the eye of the gardener. Typically this style is found in family suburban neighborhoods where you might see large trees taking up residence in the yard, hedges bordering the property and neatly manicured plant beds with a mixture of blooms. The aesthetics of your garden design are your personal preference but here are some suggestions on how to establish a beautiful traditional style garden for your home.

Consider planting flowerbed with gentle curves to create an easy-on-the eye flow through your space. You can plant a flowerbed along a walkway, to border a fence, below your patio or porch or even cut right in the middle of your yard. If you have enough room and don’t already have a mature tree consider planting one that could one day be a centerpiece in your landscape and hold tree house or a swing. Just make sure the tree won’t be intrusive on your home’s foundation, driveway or any other structural concerns in the future. 

Well kept lawns are also very popular in most landscapes especially a traditional garden space. They have a history in family neighborhoods so by maintaining your lawn you preserve the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

Some inspirational landscapes we love...