Classical Japanese Meets American Techno-Luxe
A Zen garden is meant to provide you with nothing but tranquility. A place of peace. Creating a visual flow free of any obstacles that might stop your eye is key in order to Zen garden that is mentally pleasing to you. Incorporate the four elements: earth, air, fire and water to create a harmonious space. Rocks and stones make up a large part of Zen gardens because you can position them to mimic the flow of water. Any size water features make a great addition and provide to the soothing atmosphere of a Zen garden. Adding lighting or candles would create nighttime ambiance.

Gardening is supposed to be relaxing and therapeutic but sometimes it can become a chore when you have to stay on top of weeds and pests. So be sure to use a weed retainer or cover before placing anything to keep your Zen Garden low maintenance.

Some inspirational landscapes we love...
Window Well with a View
Wooded Side Yard
Grace Design Associates
Frame For A Garden
Eclectic Estate
by Q. Le


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