Evergreens are the only plants to provide year long colour in the landscape. Overall, evergreens are low maintenance and are actively planted to help provide winter interest to your yard.

Low growing, spreading evergreen with intense silvery blue foliage forming a spectacular dense carpeted crown of colour. This new introduction has superior winter colour. Ground hugging stems are great for cascading over walls or rocks.

Columnar Irish Yew is most commonly used for hedging purposes; it has a naturally upright form and takes shearing well. It is a great option for gardeners looking for an alternative to more the common cedars. This is a female cultivar that produces red berries in the fall. Unfortunately both the berries and foliage are poisonous.

Arnold Sentinel is an upright and columnar evergreen, perfect for screening where there isn't a lot of room; beautiful blue-green needles are held on upswept branches that are compact and dense; excellent also as accent in a single planting because of its uniform habit. Drought tolerant once established.

Columnar Norway Spruce is a tall, narrow evergreen tree that has a tight branching habit with short, dark green needles. It provides a strong, vertical accent and is a perfect choice where space is limited. Great as hedge or specimen. This selection grows quite quickly and withstands snow loads better than other columnar types.

A compact broadly pyramidal form of yew. Soft-needled foliage is a dark olive green and holds its color well in winter. Red berries on female plants. Very uniform, it makes a fine hedge or columnar accent. Easily sheared to create the size and form desired. All parts of this plants are toxic when ingested.

A slow growing narrow upright evergreen with dark green needled foliage. Slightly broader at centre than at top or bottom. Excellent for columnar accents or as formal hedges and screens. Shear to keep full and more compact. All parts of this plants are toxic when ingested.

Attractive, dark green foliage. Tolerant of shearing. Can be grown in Full Sun or full shade. Requires good drainage. All parts of this plants are toxic when ingested.

Growth characteristics vary from broad to narrow, spreading to upright and flat-topped to pyramidal. Medium texture. Slow growth rate. Red berries in winter. Good for foundation planting, hedge or screen. All parts of this plants are toxic when ingested.

Taylor Juniper is a a dense upright growing evergreen that is great for hedges, as flanking plant for entrances or as dramatic vertical accent in the landscape.

Compressa is a dwarf, upright and narrow growing form of common juniper. It is very slow growing and typically reaches 2-3' after ten years.