Evergreens are the only plants to provide year long colour in the landscape. Overall, evergreens are low maintenance and are actively planted to help provide winter interest to your yard.

Low evergreen groundcover with attractive, feathery silver-blue foliage in summer turning plum-blue over fall and winter. Spreading graceful branches hug the ground and are great for trailing over walls or rocks. Colourful display in the border or mass planting.

This outstanding low growing plant has powder blue foliage all year. Hugs the ground closely and is great for trailing over rocks or walls. Excellent in Mass Planting or small areas in the border. Requires very little maintenance. A native selection from Alberta.

Evergreen groundcover with bluish green foliage in summer turning silvery plum in fall and winter. Wide spreading grower with tightly matted branches. Great in borders, Mass Planting or trailing over rocks and walls. Tolerant of most soil condition.

Low spreading evergreen groundcover with superb silver blue foliage all year long. Ground hugging branches are quite handsome trailing over walls or rocks. One of the best blues. Adds distinctive colour to any landscape border or mass planting.

This dwarf evergreen has dense, low growing, greenish-blue foliate that forms a mat-like appearance. Produces small, blue berries that attracts birds. Great for the rock garden or for use in erosion control. Extremely hardy and tolerant of most soil conditions.

A tidy dwarf ground cover with lovely bright green new growth. Forms a dark green 1m wide 'carpet'. The tidy, compact plant is extremely hardy and adaptable to a wide range of soil and climate conditions. An excellent selection for the front of the border or in mass plantings.

A new variety with densely spreading habit that is very tough. Foliage is a rich, dark green with contrasting silvery-blue hues on the upper leaf surface. Retains its summer color well into winter. Produces heavy crops of showy, blueberry-like cones. Drought tolerant once established.

Low-growing evergreen shrub creates a carpet of fresh green foliage from dense, spreading stems. Tolerant of a wide variety of environments, this attractive plant makes an outstanding groundcover.

Hardy, low growing evergreen with wide spreading branches. Deep green, silvery banded foliage is held on reddish stems. Tolerates heat and poor soils. Excellent groundcover or in Mass Planting. Often used in native plantings as a compact Common Juniper.

Moderate growing compact evergreen with graceful branching. Lacy golden foliage with green inside all year round, colour deepens in winter. Wonderful accent to the landscape border or in Mass Planting. One of the showiest of all spreaders.