Evergreens are the only plants to provide year long colour in the landscape. Overall, evergreens are low maintenance and are actively planted to help provide winter interest to your yard.

Narrow pyramidal for many years in its youth, developing a broad-rounded, open and flat-topped crown in old age. Needles are soft bluish green needles. Slow growing when young, accelerating with age. Bark is smooth. Medium sized conifer.

Unusual evergreen with attractive weeping branches with silvery blue needles. Lower branches may spread and act as a groundcover. The terminal leader needs to be staked when young to encourage height. Height and width will depend on how trained.

Broad conical evergreen with striking silvery blue needles. A Globe Blue Spruce that has developed a terminal leader as it matures. Slow growing. Makes an excellent single specimen or can be used as a hedge, screen, or foundation plant.

A tall pyramidal-shaped evergreen with sharp silvery blue pointed needles. Good as single specimen in landscapes, parks or in mass planting. Useful in shelterbelts. Very popular large spruce. Drought tolerant and is very cold hardy. Seed grown.

Intense blue coloured foliage on perfectly shaped spruce. Strong pyramidal growth with dense branching habit. Excellent specimen or accent plant for the landscape or in Mass Planting. Introduced by Iseli Nursery. Named after the popular cartoon character.

A very intense blue coloured pyramidal shaped Spruce that has similar growth habit to regular Colorado's except fuller in branching and needle thickness. Requires no extra shearing to improve fullness. Drought tolerant and is very cold hardy. Seed grown.

A moderate growing symmetrical pyramidal evergreen tree with good silvery blue needles. Very strong landscape specimen for the yard, parks or in Mass Planting. Grafted selection to maintain consistency. Seems to hold its color well even in the coldest climates.

A very slow growing compact pyramidal shaped spruce, one the bluest colours of all. Ideal for the accent spot that wants the perfect small version of a traditional favorite. Great accent for the border, as a screen or informal hedge.

Steel blue fat cigar look, perfect blue sentinel accent. Can be used as substitutes for columnar Junipers. Blue new growth turns silvery-blue with age. A truly unique specimen that provides year round garden interest. Slow growing and very low maintenance. Great for confined spaces or as a screen. Introduced by Iseli Nursery.

This dwarf globe like mound lends itself well to rock gardens, perennial beds and foundation plantings. Matures to a broad pyramidal shape. Eye catching bicolor needles are dark green on top and white below.