Evergreens are the only plants to provide year long colour in the landscape. Overall, evergreens are low maintenance and are actively planted to help provide winter interest to your yard.

Attractive feathery soft green foliage with good year round colour. Low spreading habit makes excellent groundcover. Long arching branches are good for cascading over walls or rocks, in the rock garden or in Mass Planting to stabilize slopes.

Dense mounding shrub with wide graceful spreading branches. Bluish green foliage adds contrast to any landscape year round. Very hardy variety. Atttactive in the border or in Mass Planting. Tolerant of most soil conditions.

Vase-shaped spreading evergreen with attractive feathery bluish green foliage year round. Good accent or as a background in the border. Commonly used in Mass Planting. Does well in most soil conditions.

Low spreading evergreen with attractive layered branches. Good foundation or border plant with soft bright green lacy foliage all year round. Durable for any landscape, rock garden or in Mass Planting.

Full centered spreading evergreen with soft leathery foliage of bright green in summer to purple-plum in fall and winter. Low growth habit with tightly knit branches. Very versatile in rock gardens, borders or in Mass Planting.

Upright spreading vase-shaped evergreen. Wide spreading with soft dark green foliage. Very popular variety for prairies or plains. Great background in the border or in Mass Planting. Withstands city conditions and is very hardy.

The groundcover of choice. Trailing evergreen with intense silvery blue feathery foliage turns purplish in winter. A well mannered, full centred habit makes a beautiful border accent, in Mass Planting or cascading over walls or rocks.

Low spreading evergreen with a carpet of lush, bright green, starburst shaped foliage turning a plum colour in fall and winter. Ground hugging stems are showy cascading over rocks, timbers or walls. Perfect for the border or in Mass Planting to stabilize hillside.

An exciting new introduction from Iseli Nursery. A bright summer golden yellow sport of Wiltoni that becomes deep orange tinged with plum purple in the fall and winter. Low ground hugging form. Use as a focal point, draping over a stone or wall, or in mass plantings.

A dwarf, creeping evergreen with feathery foliage that forms a vase shape. The new growth is a chartreuse-yellow. Withstands hot, dry conditions and holds its color in hot summer climates. Foliage turns shade of copper in winter.