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Dark green fronds are leathery and lance-shaped and divided with holly-like leaflets. Typically grows in a fountain-like clump. Young fiddleheads in spring are silvery. Excellent for erosion control, borders, edging and along foundations or walls.

Produces long, arching, leathery deep green fronds with cinnamon-brown spores at the tips. Forms a unique ring of fronds from the large central crown. A beautiful specimen for the border, mass planted or in Container. Loves moist to wet soil, tolerating full sun in cooler climates.

This imporved selection of the Autumn Fern produces bright, coppery pink fronds that contrast with the older, dark green ones. Evergreen in milder regions. Great for Mass Planting in moist, woodland areas. Trim back old fronds in spring.

A new selection of Japanese fern with very distinctive cresting at the end of the fronds giving it a fuller look. These heavily crested fronds have silvery grey splashes of red on the new growth. A great addition to the shade garden or in Container.

Nice fern to add to the shade garden. Fronds are not divided but actual strap shaped, adding a more coarse textured look. Excellent mixed in the border with other ferns and shade loving plants. Looks like a hardy Birds Nest Fern. Good in Container.

An upright deciduous fern with feathery deep green fronds. Thrives in moist soil and shade. Fiddleheads are edible when young and tender, before the fronds unfold. Spreads rapidly. One of the most common native ferns. Good for the shaded border or in containers.

An elegant fern with strong upright triangular fronds. Deeply cut foliage with tasseled leaf tips giving the plant a feathery appearance. Good contrast to bold textured plants. Great for the woodland border, in Container or Mass Planting.

A vigorous fern with strong upright dark green fronds that become arching as they mature. An effective background for the shady woodland border. Useful as a specimen, in Container or combined with other colorful shade plants like hosta and pulmonaria.

Beautiful mounding fern with delicate bright green, dense, lacy looking fronds. Great candidate for shady woodland moist sites, Mass Planting and good in Container. Will tolerate sun with adequate moisture.

Beautiful mounding fern with unique delicate light green dense lacy fronds held upright on brilliant red-violet stems. Great candidate for moist, shady woodland sites, Mass Planting and in Container. Will tolerate sun with adequate moisture.