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A rigourous, invasive, bamboo-like ornamental grass with upright variegated, pink tinged foliage in the cooler times of the spring and fall. Use as a dense, weed-free ground cover where invasiveness is not a concern. Great for water gardens, along streams and ponds to stabilize banks.

2003 All America Gold Medal Winner. A tall, fast growing annual grass that makes an excellent addition at the back of the border.The leaves start out green then turn dark purple and the beautiful black seed heads are great in floral arrangements. Excellent in Container plantings.

'Red Head' is an earlier flowering form of P. alopecuroides. Huge, bottlebrush plumes start to appear in mid to late summer. Deep purple buds mature to smoky purple plumes that can measure a whopping 3" wide by 8-10" long. The cool temperatures of fall bring out gold tones in the green foliage. The combination of foliage and flower remains attractive for several months. Use in Container or border plantings. Drought tolerant once established.

A miniature form of fountain grass that has fine-textured foliage and showy creamy coloured flower spikes. An excellent rock garden plant or use in front of the mixed border for a showy filler or accent. Can be used in Container. Drought tolerant once established.

A beautiful burgundy colored foliage throughout the growing season with pinkish bottle brush plumes raise above the foliage in summer and fall. Great in Container or in the border but treat as annual because of its hardiness. A warm season grass.

Perennial grass with upright habit of dark blue-green foliage. Large, rich dusty pink plumes appear in mass in early summer well into fall. Used in the perennial border, as a specimen plant or in Container.

A clump-forming perennial grass with long strap-like gracefully arching leaves. Long mauve flower spikes are borne from summer into winter. Great in the border, mass planted or in Container. Drought tolerant once established. Great cut flowers in dried arrangements.

Favorite cultivar of the red Panicum ornamental grasses. Upright form, but with neat and compact growth habit. Leaves are tinged red all growing season and richen to a deep red in fall. Slow grower with spreading growth pattern.

Striking clumps of creamy white edged grass-like foliage making a good evergreen Ground Cover or accent plant. Useful as an edging plant for the border or in Container. Excellent planted with other shade-loving perennials such as hostas and primrose.

This variegated purple moor grass forms a clump of graceful, heavily striped variegated foliage. A purple-red inflorescence appears in mid-July. Produces tall, narrow reddish-purple flower heads in mid summer. Tolerate Full Sun in cooler climates. Great for in the front of the border.