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This tough native grass has vertical tufts of blue-green foliage. Narrow flower spikes dry to a golden brown after emerging glossy green in June. Useful cutflower in dried arrangements. Drought tolerant once established. Great in borders, Mass Planting.

Plant forms a nice clump of narrow, bright silvery-blue gray foliage. Adds a unique color accent to sunny borders or when used in containers. Upright stems bear creamy yellow flower spikes that apprear in early summer and last into the fall. Drought tolerant once established.

2009 Perennial Plant of the Year. Lovely clump forming grass. Leaves brilliantly variegated green, gold and white, splashed with red in autumn. A slow grower, lovely beside Hostas as an edging plant. Adds a unique colour accent to shady borders.

A tidy perennial grass with a rounded spiky growth habit and narrow pale blue foliage. Great for edging borders, rock gardens and along walkways. Provides good colour contrast in Mass Planting, even in Container. Drought tolerant once established.

Very decorative bunch grass that forms fine tufts of dark green leaves with a purple hue. Tan brown flower spikes in summer. Adds a very formal appearance to borders, rock gardens or in Container. Drought tolerant once established. Very hardy.

This evergreen grass forms a low, tufted mound of deep green leaves with a wide white margin. Insignificant brownish flowers spikes appear in late spring. Ideal Ground Cover, massed, underplanting for trees or with other perennials in the shade border.

2001 Perennial Plant of the Year. A tall grass with long heads of golden yellow to cream-coloured plumes. Creates an elegant background from summer to fall. Seed heads stand up to winter extremes. Excellent for mass planting, borders and containers. Good cut flower.

A variegated form of 'Karl Foerster'. Deep green leaves with a distinct white stripe down the centre turn a tan color in winer. Narrow plumes of feathery, purplish-green flowers in early summer. Upright, clumping habit. Tolerant of moist soils.

Small, tufted perennial grass with tan coloured heart-shaped florets that shake in the breeze. Easy to grow in rich, fertile soil. Interesting plant for rock gardens, borders or in Container, Good cut flower for fresh or dried arrangements.

This attractive low-growing grass is at its best in spring and early summer. Forms a spreading clump of narrow leaves, striped lengthwise with bright green and creamy-white. Great for the front of borders or in Container. Drought tolerant once established.