Perennials are one of the most popular categories of plants today. Most perennials flower in spring or summer and grow each year from their roots. Perennials can last many years and are normally categorized as either shade or sun loving.

A low growing perennial with narrow dark green foliage and single deep ruby red flowers in summer. Good for Container, rock gardens or edging borders and walkways. Drought tolerant once established. Attracts butterflies.

Chocoholic Bugbane is a dwarf cultivar only growing two to three feet tall with dark purple foliage. Fragrant bottlebrush flowers appear from mid summer to fall. They are a rich mauve-pink color when they open and lighten to white as they age. Bugbane is tolerant of a full range of light conditions, but is great to add fragrance to the shadier garden. Especially attractive when combined with variegated or golden foliage.

Ladylike Asiatic Lily is part of the Tango series. These heavenly scented lilies are easy to grow; it has upward-facing pink flowers with broad yellow centers. This compact selection produces blooms from early to midsummer with strong stems that are perfect for cutting. Upright stems are lined with glossy green, narrow leaves. Lilies look best planted in small groups in perennial borders or cottage gardens.

Tiny Missile Dwarf Asiatic lily is a great new addition; it has dark green foliage and dark red flowers that have darker highlights towards the center of the petals. They are compact on 14 to 16" stems.

Tiny Todd Dwarf Asiatic lily is part of the Tiny Series, a series of genetically short Asiatic hybrids that are 22" tall or less and provide a lots of warm flower colors. These Asiatic hybrids have been selected for their excellent performance in patio pots and border gardens and will provide you with a striking color palette in the middle of spring. Tiny Todd has white with soft pink flowers.

Unlike other Lewisia cotyledon cultivars, Elise flowers in the first season. This exciting new variety is great for rockeries, beds and containers. Elise is a sturdy plant with attractive fleshy, succulent leaves and flowers that will delight all season long in shades of pastel pink, rose, salmon, orange, white and yellow, and bicolour patterns.

Amelia is a vigorous Shasta daisy cultivar that grows on strong stems to 30-40” tall. Each large flower features clean white rays surrounding a bright showy yellow center. Flowers bloom from late spring well into summer. Coarsely-toothed, lance-shaped, medium green leaves.

Red Hot Poker is a deciduous perennial with arching, grass-like foliage and slender spikes of tubular orange flowers. Blooming in late summer and fall, it will provide valuable colour to prairie or cottage style planting schemes.

Snow Cushion Candytuft is a spring blooming perennial, often seen cascading over rocks and walls, or used as a groundcover. The glossy, evergreen foliage forms a perfect mound. This compact selection is covered with clusters of small white flowers in late spring, lasting for several weeks. Drought tolerant once established.

Twilight is a great specimen selection that has thick green leaves with a stunning creamy-yellow edge. Pale lavender flowers appear in July. Great for shaded borders or for planting in mixed containers or tubs. Hosta go completely dormant in the fall, and the dying foliage can be removed any time before mid spring. Good slug resistance. USPP#14040: unlicensed propagation prohibited.