Perennials are one of the most popular categories of plants today. Most perennials flower in spring or summer and grow each year from their roots. Perennials can last many years and are normally categorized as either shade or sun loving.


Risky Business is an all white-centered sport of 'Striptease' that shares its vigor and luster. The dark green margins are slightly wavy and contrast beautifully with the bright white center. Pale lavender flowers top this hosta in mid-summer. 

Regal Splendor is a large hosta featuring thick, blue-gray leaves with irregular creamy white to pale yellow margins. Leaves grow in a vase-shaped mound to 36" tall and 34" wide. Bell-shaped, lavender flowers bloom in mid to late summer on naked light gray-green stems rising to 3-5' tall. 

Double Fernleaf Peony features bold lightly-scented dark red flowers at the ends of the stems from late spring to early summer. The flowers are excellent for cutting. It's deeply cut compound leaves remain green in color throughout the season. Double Fernleaf Peony is an herbaceous perennial with a more or less rounded form.

Delicate pink daisy-like flowers with bright yellow centers from July into September. Mounding plants with fine grass or needle-like leaves. Well suited for mass border plantings or water side plantings. Attracts butterflies.

This improved form of ‘Magnus' forms a tall mound of coarse dark-green leaves that produce large daisy-like flowers with magenta-pink petals surrounding an orange-brown cone. Blooms from mid summer into fall. Seedheads have good winter interest. Great for flower arrangements. A perfect choice for planting in groups, along border edges, or in containers. Attracts butterflies. Drought tolerant once established.

This dwarf selection may be grown in rock gardens, used as an edging, or in tubs and pots. Plants form a spreading patch of small green leaves, bearing loads of starry violet-blue flowers beginning in late spring and blooming for weeks on end. Nice when used as a groundcover over a smaller area, especially under shrub roses. Will sometimes repeat flower in the autumn. From Blooms of Bressingham®.

This colourful variety has bright, rose-pink flowers with a contrasting magenta eye. The variegated leaves are splashed with green and deep yellow. The fragrant flowers are great for cutting. Attracts butterflies. A great addition to the garden.

An evergreen perennial with clusters of spoon shaped leaves. In spring to early summer short stems bear dense clusters of open, starry shaped blooms in shades of yellow and orange. Excellent as an alpine in the rock garden or in Container. Drought tolerant.

A bushy growing perennial noted for its long blooming double crimson red pincushion flowers from summer to fall. Excellent in the border and Container, providing interesting color. A great cut flower. Attracts butterflies. Drought tolerant once established.

Chameleon Plant grows best in full sun to partial shade, which gives the best range of bright foliage coloration of red, bronze, cream and yellow that contrast well with the green leaf blade. Overall vigor is often best in more shaded areas, where the foliage color fades to greens and maroons. Best overall performance occurs in partial sun in continuously moist, well-drained soils of average fertility, but it is quite tolerant of wet sites (including aquatic gardens) and is adaptable to poor, compacted, and/or dry soils.