Perennials are one of the most popular categories of plants today. Most perennials flower in spring or summer and grow each year from their roots. Perennials can last many years and are normally categorized as either shade or sun loving.


A convincing, large-flowered daylily with rounded flowers in deep, velvety blood red with yellow green throat and ruffled edges. The flower buds even open in bad weather! 'Chicago Apache' is a late-blooming variety.

The flowers of Funny Valentine are an eye catching shade of rosy red with yellow green throats. A high bud count and long lasting flowers make this selection a good performer to add to your landscape. Blooms midseason on 25" stems.

This compact variety is part of the Mariachi™ Series and features spicy, red petals surrounding a dark brown cone. Good branching habit, terrific for cutting. From Arie Blom of AB-Cultivars in The Netherlands. USPPP: unlicensed propagation prohibited.

Callirhoe bushii is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family known by the common name Bush's poppy-mallow. It is native to the United States, where it can be found in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. This plant was first described in 1909 and named for the botanist Benjamin Franklin Bush. It produces poppy-like magenta flowers. It is commonly grown as an ornamental plant. In the wild it grows in woodlands and on prairies.

Cardinal Floweris a species of Lobelia native to the Americas, from southeastern Canada south through the eastern and southwestern United States, Mexico and Central America to northern Colombia. It is an herbaceous perennial plant that grows up to four feet tall and is found in wet places, stream banks, and swamps. The flowers are usually vibrant red, deeply five-lobed, during the summer to fall. Cardinal Flower is pollinated by the ruby-throated hummingbird. 

First Love Speedwell features numerous, sturdy stems with rich-pink flower spikes and well-branched green foliage, this veronica is easy to grow and flowers June to September. Unlicensed propagation prohibited.

Golden Anniversary is a Proven Winners Selections perennial. This spotted deadnettle cultivar is perhaps best noted for its variegated tricolor foliage. This is a mat-forming perennial ground cover that typically grows 5-8” tall but spreads indefinitely over time by sprawling stems which root in the ground as they go. Each variegated leaf has a chartreuse yellow margin, dull green interior and whitish-silver center. Clusters of tiny, somewhat inconspicuous, two-lipped, pink-lavender flowers (typical mint family) appear at the stem ends in late spring to early summer.


Pardon Me is a vigorous cultivar which features 3-inch diameter bright red flowers with yellow-green throats. Flowers appear on naked stems which typically rise to two feet tall above a clump of arching, linear, blade-like leaves. Flowers are fragrant. Individual flowers open for one day. Blooms in late mid-season with a possible repeat bloom in fall.

A mounding perennial with hairy dark green foliage. Rich semi-double scarlet orange flowers bloom on branched stems throughout the summer. Bright specimen for rock gardens, borders and in Container. A good cut flower. Attracts butterflies.