Are much smaller then trees but share many of the same characteristics. Shrubs are an integral part of the landscape and can provide various colours that can be enjoyed for a lifetime if treated properly. There are thousands of different sizes and varieties available. Many shrubs are commonly known for their beautiful blooms that can be enjoyed in the garden or as cut flowers. The most commonly searched plant in the world today is a shrub; the hydrangea.

Amber Jubilee® is a new cultivar named in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, this cultivar is truly distinct for its foliage colours. Leaves on new growth are a breathtaking combination of orange, yellow and red accented with white balls of flowers. In late summer the foliage matures as a dark-green colour with tones of red and purple and burgundy fruit capsules.

A delicious new creation from France. The enormous flower panicles are a blend of vanilla and strawberry, held upright on red stems. They emerge creamy white in mid summer, change to pink and finally to strawberry red. New blooms gives the plant a multicolored effect in late summer and early fall. The red coloration persists for at least 3-4 weeks. The habit is upright becoming cascading later in the season.

Add season-long, maintenance-free interest to your yard with First Editions® Firedance™ Dogwood. This compact, uniform dogwood starts with white flowers in the spring that turn to pretty white berries. In the fall the leaves turn red-purple. In winter, Firedance looses its leaves, revealing red colored stems.

This introduction from the Morden Research Station features fine-textured golden foliage that ages to a rich green. Foliage often emerges with a reddish tint, along with showy creamy white flowers in spring followed by red berries. Compact size makes this variety ideal for the home landscape. A great alternative to Japanese Maples for colder climates.

BloomStruck® is the newest addition to the Endless Summer® Collection of reblooming hydrangeas. As with all Endless Summer varieties, BloomStruck will boast big, beautiful blooms all summer long, measuring 3.5 - 5" across. Depending on soil pH, you can have rose-pink, violet or blue flower heads. Lower pH will give blue flowers and higher pH pink.  Because of BloomStruck's extremely strong stems, above average heat tolerance and great disease resistance - especially to powdery mildew - it is a perfect combination of beauty and hardiness for any garden.

Sonic Bloom Pearl is a humdinger of a weigela!  Sonic Bloom plants have the strongest reblooming seen on weigela, blooming in May and reblooming until frost.  The flowers open pure white with a yellow throat and then change to pink, giving you multiple colors on a single plant.  The flowers really pop against the bright green foliage. 

The new look purple leaved weigela! Spilled Wine has dark red, wavy leaves and a spreading habit. Its hot pink-magenta flowers are similar to those of Wine & Roses, but this is a smaller plant that is wider than it is tall. This is a wonderful plant for adding lots of color in mass plantings, or tucked into an existing border.

One of the most significant new plant introductions. The first Bigleaf Hydrangea that blooms on new growth early in the year. Large ball shaped flowers are endless through the summer, can be used as a cutflower. Dark green foliage. Showy in the border, mass plantings, or in containers.

Viking is a cultivar from Europe that was initially selected for use in orchards but gardeners quickly discovered its many attributes as a landscape plant. Masses of fragrant, white flowers bloom in spring, followed by violet black berries late summer. The berries are high in nutrients and can be used for pies and jellies or left on the shrub to provide food for birds and other wildlife. They can persist through winter into spring. Beautiful red fall colour.

Compact upright shrub with yellow-gray bark. Flowers early season with outstanding primrose yellow tubular blooms. Flower bud hardiest of Forsythia, developed by Agriculture Canada. Great for the border or in Mass Planting.