Are much smaller then trees but share many of the same characteristics. Shrubs are an integral part of the landscape and can provide various colours that can be enjoyed for a lifetime if treated properly. There are thousands of different sizes and varieties available. Many shrubs are commonly known for their beautiful blooms that can be enjoyed in the garden or as cut flowers. The most commonly searched plant in the world today is a shrub; the hydrangea.

An upright spreading deciduous shrub for the border with pale yellow flowers in mid June. These blooms have a slight lemony fragrance and hold up well in hot sun. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Foliage turns an attractive dark pink-red in fall. Toxic when eaten.

Wonderful new hardy deciduous azalea introduction from Briggs Nursery covered with clear pink tubular flowers in late spring. An improvement of Orchid Lights with thicker more lush dark green foliage, bigger and brighter flowers. Great for the borders. Toxic when eaten.

Fragrant tubular wavy frilled edged white flowers in late spring have pink tinge and a yellow center. Upright rounded deciduous shrub. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. An University of Minnesota introduction developed to withstand extreme cold. Toxic when eaten.

An upright spreading deciduous shrub for the border with fragrant dark rosy pink tubular flowers in late spring. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. A University of Minnesota 1984 introduction developed to withstand extreme cold. Toxic when eaten.

Strawberry Sundae® is a delicious new compact hydrangea from the French breeder of Vanilla Strawberry® Jean Renault. Similar in many ways to Vanilla Strawberry with one important exception, its smaller stature. Flowers emerge creamy white in mid summer, change to pink and finally to strawberry red. The flowers will remind you of a refreshing strawberry sundae ice cream treat on a hot summer afternoon.

Selected for its naturally compact, bushy habit and vivid red stems, 'Baton Rouge' offers amazing year round interest for any landscape. White spring flowers are followed by white berries attractive to birds. Medium green foliage transforms to a brilliant reddish purple hue in autumn. Bright red stems of winter make a spectacular display. Selected as a sport of Cornus alba 'Elegantissima'.

Dwarf form of the popular Quick Fire® hydrangea. Like Quick Fire, it is early blooming, flowering about a month before other hydrangeas. White flowers transform to pink-red as summer progresses.

Cool blue foliage is the perfect contrast to this hardy plant's crisp white blooms. Hints of burgundy in the new growth foreshadow the rich red foliage color it develops in fall. This neat, mounded plant is an excellent addition to the gardener's palette. 

Scented Blush™ Abelia is a beautiful tricolored plant that has fragrant, white flowers (with rosy tones) that bloom from summer to fall. It develops into a full bushy plant that is heat and drought tolerant. The foliage is orange, red and bronze with cream variegated margins. Scented Blush™ Abelia is a striking designer plant that attracts butterflies and is suitable for container gardens, patios and foundation plantings. Displaying year-round color, Sunshine Daydream will provide multi season interest.

An awesome plant for northern landscapes: a gold-leaf version of 'Tor'! Buds with hints of red in them open to white spring flowers. Sunny yellow foliage holds its colour well, and the full, compact habit is very attractive. Also, it does not burn in the summer and has great fall colour. If you're looking for a colorful, hardy plant that will look great all season, this is the variety for you!