Are much smaller then trees but share many of the same characteristics. Shrubs are an integral part of the landscape and can provide various colours that can be enjoyed for a lifetime if treated properly. There are thousands of different sizes and varieties available. Many shrubs are commonly known for their beautiful blooms that can be enjoyed in the garden or as cut flowers. The most commonly searched plant in the world today is a shrub; the hydrangea.

Cutie Pie Pink­™ Potentilla was selected for its compact, rounded habit and the unusual peach colored flowers with a darker peach-red eye. It flowers from late spring until frost.  Great for the border, foundation, mass plantings or low hedge.

A large upright deciduous shrub or small multi-stemmed tree with rounded hairy silvery-blue foliage all season long. An excellent cold hardy selection for use as a unique specimen or accent to the border. Prefers moist locations.

Firehill Russian Almond is a dense upright growing shrub, which is covered with rosy pink flowers in the spring before leafing out. Leaves are soft yellow, intensifying to gold. Drought tolerant once established.

With its leaves splashed with gold and yellow, and its flowers light blue this lilac is a joy to observe during the spring season . Lavender blue flowers arise from purple buds in May. The petals are formed in doubles, and have pleasing fragrance. Birds, bees, and hummingbirds all find the flowers attractive.

Upright, vase-shaped plant with popular fragrant purple flowers. Glossy, blue green, dense foliage all summer. Impressive colour display in spring. Good for informal hedge or windbreak.

Rounded deciduous shrub with glossy green lobed leaves summer and fall. Has versatile uses in the foundation, Mass Planting or as hedge. Can be sheared frequently into a formal hedge or left for an informal hedge. Adds nice definition to any landscape.

Strike it rich with Berry Heavy® Gold, the winterberry with the biggest, brightest gold fruit yet. You will treasure this plant for gardens, mass plantings or as a cut branch. Selected by the late, great plantsman and conservationist Fred Case of Saginaw Michigan. Ten cents from each plant sold is donated to support the Nature Conservancy. Use Mr. Poppins as pollinator.

The first ever tetraploid winterberry brings you extra big and abundant rich-red berries on a dwarf plant. You will treasure this plant for gardens, mass plantings or as a cut branch. Its compact size makes it ideal for residential landscapes and container gardens.

Vigorous upright shrub with blue green foliage in summer turning yellow in fall. Small panicles of purple buds change to fragrant double magenta red flowers provide impressive spring display earlier than other French hybrids.

'Ballerina' is a vigorous small tree or large shrub with bronze-tinged young leaves which turn orange to purple-brown in autumn. Flowers white, relatively large, in short, somewhat nodding racemes. Fruit a small red berry, turning deep purple but soon taken by birds