Trees are often the centerpieces of a yard or landscape. Besides looking beautiful, trees serve many purposes. They help prevent erosion, produce oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide and provide much needed shade. In fact, a strategically planted tree can even help reduce your energy bills!

Moderately fast growing shade tree with rich purple lobed foliage spring through fall. Small yellow flowers in the spring. Adaptable to most city growing conditions. A great landscape specimen, street or park tree. Adds colour to any landscape.

Moderate growth rate maple with narrow columnar habit. Attractive dark green lobed foliage turns bright yellow in fall. Drought tolerant and adaptable to city growing conditions. Excellent specimen for formal gardens, screen and street use.

An outstanding mounding laceleaf maple noted for its deeply serrated large dark purplish red leaves in the summer. fall colour is brilliant crimson. One of the most vigorous Laceleafs. Adds incredible color to the landscape or use in container.

An excellent green laceleaf maple with deeply dissected leaves, weeping habit and brilliant fall colours. These are strong growers, making a 3-4' shrub-like tree in 10 years or can be staked while young to gain extra height. Mature trees may reach 10' high.

Attractive bright red foliage turning even brighter fiery red-crimson in fall. Interesting blackish-red bark. Similar upright rounded habit to Bloodgood except leaves out two weeks later, better in areas susceptible to late frosts. A great small accent tree.

A uniform branching habit, controlled growing small tree with a broadly rounded form. Deep green lobed summer foliage deepens to a bronze colour and then turns brilliant orange red in fall. A useful accent tree for the landscape.

An improved Amur Maple from the University of Manitoba. Medium green, three-lobed foliage changes to shades of red and deep purple in autumn.

This shapely tree is very hardy and adaptable. The dark green lobed leaves turns a brilliant scarlet red in fall. It features abundant showy scarlet samaras in late summer. Bright red fruits in summer. Great accent in smaller home landscapes.

A small tree or multi-stemmed shrub with a fine texture graceful spreading form. Fragrant yellow-white flowers in spring. Attractive glossy green lobed foliage in summer turns a vivid scarlet in fall. Prefers slightly acidic soil. Drought tolerant.

A deciduous shrub with 3-5 lobed, variegated foliage. The leaves emerge pinkish cream maturing to green with broad white margins. Protect from afternoon sun to avoid scorching. Moderate growth rate growing to 10 feet in 10 years. Great specimen for in the landscape.