Trees are often the centerpieces of a yard or landscape. Besides looking beautiful, trees serve many purposes. They help prevent erosion, produce oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide and provide much needed shade. In fact, a strategically planted tree can even help reduce your energy bills!

Star magnolia is native to Japan. It is a small deciduous tree that typically grows 4.5- 6m (15-20’) tall with a spreading, rounded crown or is grown as a large oval to rounded shrub. It is noted for its compact size and late winter to early spring bloom of star-shaped white flowers.

This variety produces a graceful, upright spreading habit. Little yellow flowers are followed by brilliant red samaras. The strongly textured, lush green foliage turns to yellow then red in fall. This sturdy landscape tree is a Colorado Plant Select® winner.

This attractive selection is noted for its improved hardiness, upright crown form and symmectrical branching. A good choice for larger spaces.

This seedless Red Maple variety is a selection from northern Minnesota that has green foliage that becomes a brilliant red two weeks earlier than other red maples in fall. Showy winged samaras appear in spring. An excellent shade tree.

This narrow, upright growing deciduous tree is highlighted by its bright red Fall Colour display. From a Minnesota seed source, it is one of the most cold hardy cultivars. Great choice for small landscape areas where vertical effect is needed.

Lovely landscape tree with a nice rounded oval growth habit. Dark green lobed foliage becomes a showy red in autumn. Showy red flowers open before leaves in spring. Selected in Northern Minnesota for its form and hardiness.

An outstanding upright selection of the native North American Sugar Maple noted for its cold hardiness and vibrant fall colours. Thick, leathery, deep green leaves withstand high winds, heat and occasional drought once established.

A wonderful landscape tree with a lovely broad columnar growth habit. Medium green lobed foliage become a brilliant red in autumn. Showy red flowers before the leaves open in spring. A great landscape specimen with better hardiness.

Small ornamental tree with bronze-green lobed foliage turning a blend of yellow, orange and red in fall. Good as a specimen or accent plant. Interesting bark and branching give a Japanese Maple characteristic to the landscape in the colder climate areas.

Moderately fast growing shade tree with green and white variegated lobed leaves from spring until fall. Drought tolerant once established and adaptable to city growing conditions. Bright yellow fall colour. Great as a landscape specimen, street or park tree.