Trees are often the centerpieces of a yard or landscape. Besides looking beautiful, trees serve many purposes. They help prevent erosion, produce oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide and provide much needed shade. In fact, a strategically planted tree can even help reduce your energy bills!

A well shaped oval structure with bright maroon red lobed foliage all season long. Small yellow flowers in the spring. Selected from a hardy Crimson King growing in Lethbridge, AB. Great moderately slow growing shade tree that adds color to any landscape as a specim

Graceful weeping tree with attractive white bark and delicate cutleaf dark green foliage. Highly recommended park or lawn specimen. Bright yellow fall colour. A standout in any landscape, especially where extra moisture is available.

A 2002 NDSU introduction that can be grown as a single or multi-stemmed specimen. A stress tolerant selection with snow white bark that exfoliates with age, a great winter feature. Dark green summer foliage turns a bright golden yellow in fall.

One of the most permanent and desirable of all white barked Birches. Attractive chalk-white colour to the bark when older. Dark green foliage turns a striking yellow in fall. Great screen or park tree. Can be grown as single or multi-stemmed specimen.

This narrow columnar birch matures to a dense pyramidal form. Medium green foliage turns bright yellow in fall. Striking white, papery bark adds year round interest. Prefers a cool, moist climate. A great accent tree.

One of the most drought tolerant alders available. This medium-sized tree has strong, upright growth. Dark green foliage and gray, beech-like bark. Yellow Fall Colour. Purple catkins and brown, cone-like strobiles add interest during winter.

Deciduous shade tree with deeply lobed lustrous green leaves and beautiful rosy-red spiked panicles of spring blooms. Broad rounded growth habit with graceful arching branches. A unique specimen for parks or large landscapes especially when deep shade is required.

High quality foliage which inclines downward in an umbrella-like fashion. This characteristic lends a tropical touch to the tree’s appearance. Consistent brilliant fall color sets this selection apart from the species, which is notoriously inconsistent ranging from green to maroon.

A hardy ornamental tree with masses of greenish yellow flower clusters appearing at the branch tips in late spring. Handsome glossy green lobed summer foliage turns a brilliant yellow in the fall. Quite rare. Slow growing, makes a special accent. Caution: all parts are toxic when eaten.

Outstanding, deciduous shade tree with deeply lobed dark green leaves and lovely dark pink panicles of spring blooms. Broad rounded growth habit with graceful arching branches. Resistant to leaf blotch fungus. A showy accent to the landscape.