Bylands Nurseries Sustainability

Environmental responsibility is an integral aspect of Bylands Nurseries Ltd. For the past several decades, our operation has been the industry leader in the environmental initiatives that we undertake. At Bylands, we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and we take great pride in the proactive practices we employ to ensure our environmental impact is minimal.

Water is an integral part of any nursery. Plants need water to live and at Bylands we try to use as little of it as possible. We employ modern water reduction methods to ensure our water use is as minimal as possible. Through our water recycling ponds and use of modern drip irrigation, we are able to drastically reduce our water needs.
Green waste material is also a key aspect of Bylands. Within our local community, we have created a composting program that eliminates large amounts of green waste material from entering local landfills by allowing members to dump green waste within our compost area. Over time, the green waste is added back to our nursery fields and is the main component of our container soil mix. Not only does this process save thousands of yards of waste, but it also helps us naturally enhance our soils to improve the quality of our plants.
Bylands Nurseries Ltd. voluntarily completed the British Columbia Environmental Farm Plan. This plan was implemented in 2005 and ensures that Bylands Nurseries Ltd. is being proactive in identifying environmental opportunities and risks within our surroundings.

We have employed an Integrated Pest Management Program, a proactive approach to pest control. This effective and environmentally friendly philosophy significantly reduces and eliminates the use of pesticides through a three step process of prevention, observation and intervention and is critical to our growing philosophy.

Based on our strong commitment to environmental initiatives, Bylands was recognized by the BCLNA (British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association) as the first recipient of the Environmental Stewardship Award. This award recognizes excellence and effort by any BCLNA member for outstanding achievement in maintaining and promoting a sustainable, healthy environment.