Lavender is part of the mint family and a very popular and versatile garden plant. There are 47 known species of Lavender. Its native grounds spread from Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, Europe across to northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia, China to southeast India.

If you have an established perennial garden that is more than two or three years old, chances are you have some plants out there that are looking tired and need attention. The window of activity is small as most perennials are best to be divided in early spring.

Hanging baskets and container gardens are an easy way to add instant bright colour to your yard. Many people find their baskets look amazing until early-to mid-summer, where they start to diminish. Here is an easy way to keep your baskets looking amazing all season long.

Flowers have been utilized in restaurants for thousands of years in salads, garnishes, tea or even used as a main ingredient. It’s easy to add some creativity to your cooking with these common plants. It is always best to grow your own ingredients in order to limit any chemical (pesticide, etc.) use and be mindful of allergies, testing prior or introducing them in small amounts.