Plant of the Week - Weigela
Weigela shrubs

Weigela is a beautiful ornamental shrub with colorful multi-clusters of flowers, making it a great addition to your garden landscape.  There's a multitude of new varieties that display flamboyant foliage in shades of gold, green, white and rose for a season-long spectacle of arching stems covered in bell-shape flowers, from late spring to early summer.


Privacy by planting.  Cedars make a great plant if you want to block the neighbors away very quickly.  This  dense, rich evergreen can be used in numerous applications.  From boarders and hedges to providing dimension and height variances to topiary applications, cedars are a definite staple for every landscape.  


With a very distinctive look, viburnum can make a gorgeous addition to your garden.  They are a delightful little shrub that gives spectacular flowers in the spring followed by little berries about a month or so after.  These berry clusters are visually stunning and provide vibrant detail for winter interest while also attracting birds.



Spirea has an all season interest and will look fantastic in any residential design.  It is a deciduous shrub that will be bare in the winter but adds a nice display in the fall with foliage colors or bright orange and red.  The spirea blooms a distinctive flower a lot like yarrow.

Linden Trees

Linden trees (also known as basswood or lime tree) are the most underappreciated shade tree in North America today.  They make a great addition to any landscape and we would like to point out a few reasons why.